Jelena Glazova ©

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  1. RED MATERIAL, video installation on 4 vertical screens with 4 rotating sound tracks, December 2012

    "Red Material" is based on four poems by Sylvia Plath (1932 - 1963), each sound track is a processed reading of a poem (read by Glazova), each video contains text from corresponding poem. Text is represented in unreadable way, forming fields of merged letters or graphic elements of letters.
    The poems used for video installation: "An Appearance", "Bluebeard", "Sheep in Fog", "Kindness".
    The title "Red Material" is a quote from "An Appearance". Red colour plays significant role in Plath's body of work in general.

    Artist's Statement: "I was always dissatisfied with the translations of Plath's poems into my native language, I used to compare those translations with the original poems and between themselves, trying to find imperfections. I finally decided to make my own, non-verbal translation of Plath's poetry and to do it with a help of sound and moving image."