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  1. IDENTIFICATION OF A WOMAN, solo exhibition at Latvian Museum of Photography, Riga, February 2010 - March 2010

  2. "Identification of a Woman"  is a conceptual social documentary series involving a study of a female visual representation/perception in contemporary society.

    10 women represented in a series were being systematically photographed during a period of 3 years, using a distanced, neuter approach, each woman's portrait is presented with a commentary regarding her social status change, a commentary is provoking a viewer to see the image differently (according to the society's dominating stereotypes) hence the act of perception is being manipulated with the purpose of analytical thinking stimulation.

    Tradition of photographic typologies is used as one of the tools in order to approach the subject. Author is also interested in interaction between a social commentary in a text and an image, in what way the visual perception of a woman is being manipulated by the gender stereotypes, how the actual social status changes presumably influence the self-identification of a portrayed women and their perception by others.

    Author is conducting an anthropological field study involving the lives of the portrayed women and is trying to provoke analytical thinking of a viewer, to think about gender stereotypes influencing perception of a woman in contemporary society and to question an essence of a portraiture genre, how much the portrait really tells about the person and how easily the perception could be changed.

    With the help of this project author is trying to ask questions on female identity, how much it is being manipulated by the social norms and gender roles.