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  1. Works from series "Erased Song/ Erased Landscape" (2018) commissioned by Reina Sofia Museum (Madrid) as a part of artistic project for museum's radio - accompanying Jelena Glazova's sound piece "Full Cycle of Songs" based on Latvian folk songs from the archive of Latvian National Library (recordings from 1927 made with phonograph).

  2. Artist's statement:

    The series of images called "Erased Song/ Erased Landscape" (2018) refer to ephemeral nature of data formats in everyday life and phenomenon of memory in relation to daily routine.

    I used fragments of daily life routine of my own for creation of these images, that also contain some shots of a TV screen with a VHS found imagery - an aesthetisized format not actively in use these days. One can see how daily routine merges with the forgetfulness of obsolete medium, implying imperfection of a memory of an individual,  one layer of imagery overlaps with another one, some fragments are returned, zoomed and frozen, some fragments are forgotten entirely.

    In these series I refer to the day cycle and daily life I spoke about in the sound piece, as well as to the ephemeral nature of wax cylinders on which the historical material (1927) of Latvian folk songs that I used for sound project "Full Cycle of Songs" accompanying the series of images was recorded (one of the first medium to record and playback the sound), the whole project (sound piece and visuals) refer to a possiblity to incorporate historical memory into the mind of individual, in fact, it is never erased, new constructions are based on the old ones.