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  1. ELEMENTS OF A PUZZLE, solo exhibition at Latvian Contemporary Art Centre, Riga, May 2011 - July 2012

    Installation view photos by Didzis Grodzs

  2. "Elements of a puzzle" project's visual material is based on the artist's personal environment - everyday life metaphysics, semiotics of the space etc. The works are represented in a puzzle-like structure to enable wider possibilities of juxtaposition.

    Author is interested in the way the image is able to interact with poetic text or another image, and how semantic switch occurs from the way the spectator perceives juxtaposed visual/textual items.

    Spectator is able to choose the way to read sequences of images and text pieces - it is up to him/her to decide if there is any narration, if the text is going along with the image or contradicting it, hence every act of reading produces a new combination of connected/disconnected sequences.