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  1. DANAЁ was exhibition at MASA gallery, Riga, July 2022.

    The exhibition "DANAЁ" is Jelena Glazova's work on the sexual role of a woman in modern society and her "sexual capital", which tends to increase and decrease. The exhibition includes works that demonstrate the interplay of biopolitical power. In her work, Jelena Glazova refers to Rembrandt van Rijn's classical work "The Dane" (1636), as well as Tracey Emin's ironic work "I've got it all" (2000).
    The exposition consisted of visual works (video projections, photographs, graphic works), as well as a piece of music specially created to accompany the exhibition. The exhibition is a meditation on the role of women in modern society, while a woman's relative "value" or "capital" either decreases or increases, a woman's fate is formed in relation to the fluctuations of these financial flows - a woman is perceived as a "commodity" in the free market, and it is important to know , whether funds should be invested in such a "product", or whether this "good" can become an object of necropolitics. The author refers to the ideas of Karl Marx on the circulation of capital, the ideas of Michel Foucault on biopolitics and the ideas of the modern philosopher Paul B. Precciado on the pharmacopornographic regime of advanced capitalism.